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Electronic Voyager is a feature-length documentary that follows Michelle Moog-Koussa on an emotional road trip journey, retracing her father’s groundbreaking footsteps. Michelle’s father is the late Dr. Robert Moog (1934 - 2005), a true American innovator who is arguably the most important figure in the history of electronic music, through his invention of the now legendary Moog synthesizer.

Michelle, a devoted Moog archivist and historian, has dedicated her life to her father’s legacy, as founder and Executive Director of The Bob Moog Foundation. Through Michelle’s eyes, we glimpse the places and meet the people who were a part of Moog’s history, experiencing a firsthand account of Bob Moog’s incredible sonic journey... from his childhood in New York, to his introduction to the world of electronic music, and through the incredible ups and downs of his company, Moog Music. Michelle’s voyage is an effort to reconcile the father she knew, with the world-famous music icon.

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Waveshaper Media, the makers of 2014's acclaimed modular synthesizer documentary "I Dream Of Wires," is excited to announce that production is now underway for a new, official bio-documentary about revered avant-garde music composer, and electronic music pioneer, Morton Subotnick. Through a series of candid interviews and illuminating conversations with key figures from his past and present, "Subotnick" will provide an overview of this fascinating composer’s rich life and uncompromising career.

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I Dream Of Wires is a documentary about the rise, fall and rebirth of a machine that shaped electronic music: the modular synthesizer. Over 100 inventors, musicians and enthusiasts are interviewed about their relationship with the modular synthesizer - for many, it’s an all-consuming passion.

Through tracing the history of the modular synthesizer, I Dream Of Wires also explores the history of electronic music as a whole, from its very beginnings at the dawn of the electric age to its mainstream pop chart dominance. The film provides a fascinating look at how technology has shaped the electronic music landscape. Today, the modular synthesizer is no longer an esoteric curiosity or even a mere musical instrument - it is an essential tool for radical new sounds and a bona fide subculture.

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Waveshaper Media is a film and television production company based in Toronto dedicated to preserving electronic music history. Formed in 2011 when director Robert Fantinatto and producer Jason Amm got together to produce the 2014 indie-film hit I Dream of Wires, the company is currently producing two new feature length documentaries along with a ongoing web series and a specialized music label.

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Jason Amm has been listening to electronic music obsessively since he was a teenager. While studying Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University, he discovered electronica-techno pioneers like Aphex Twin and Autechre. Their music inspired Amm to begin acquiring and mastering synthesizers, and after finishing university, he had one objective in mind: to create and release electronic music, which he has done under the artist name Solvent. Solvent is now an internationally renowned electronic music recording artist and owner of the Suction Records label, with 6 full-length albums under his belt, including several for one of the world's leading electronica imprints, Ghostly International. Solvent has also toured extensively, playing live shows throughout North America and Europe.

Documentary film director Robert Fantinatto contacted Amm as a potential interview subject for his nascent documentary project about modular synthesizers, later named “I Dream Of Wires.” Amm’s vast knowledge of modular synthesizers, and his connections to the international electronic music community, led them to expand their collaboration, and Amm signed on as I Dream Of Wires’ producer, co-writer and soundtrack composer. In addition to conducting most of the film's interviews, Amm also spearheaded, maintained and fulfilled several IndieGoGo fundraising campaigns, and DVD pre-order initiatives, which successfully funded the entire production of the documentary. After I Dream Of Wires’ completion, Amm contacted, negotiated and signed deals for the film with film distributors in Canada, USA, Japan and Europe/UK, leading to a Canadian broadcast deal, a successful digital/iTunes release, and an international 18-month Netflix license.

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After studying astrophysics at the University of Toronto, Robert Fantinatto made a drastic change in career paths. He eventually went to film school and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film Production from York University. He never did lose his interest in science, and this has influenced the projects he’s been involved with throughout the rest of his professional career. For a number of years he was a freelance film editor. Then in the mid-2000s he made Echoes of Forgotten Places, a documentary film exploring the urban exploration subculture. Distributed by Microcinema International, it was broadcast in both the U.S and Canada and released on DVD.

In early 2011 he began to notice an explosion of interest in the world of modular synthesizers. Having been involved in electronic music during the 1980s, he was intrigued by how computers and digital keyboards were in the process of being replaced by equipment long thought to be obsolete. He bought his own modular system and was drawn into the ever-expanding group of musicians who have shunned modern technology for these reborn instruments. I Dream of Wires is the natural combination of his musical and film background and talents. Following the release of his first feature-length film, he produced and directed 20 episodes of Where Cool Came From, a pop-culture web series. He is currently developing two new feature-length documentaries.

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